Monday, February 28, 2011

Switchfoot - Dare You To Move

I don't think I've ever really listened to these words before today. I've heard this song over and over for the past few years and at best I thought it was a great bad with a good message. Get up and move. Don't just stay there. Get up and move; do something. This could be, as I'm sure it has been, interpreted as a mere song of inspiration. "Take charge of your life!" "Now is the day!" But I heard something more. Something real. Something attainable. Something Christ-like. I don't hear just a song of inspiration. I hear a redemption song.

Yes, the cry in the chorus of the song is begging us to move. Crying for us to get up and make changes. The changes however have already been made. What this bunch of melody makers is trying to get us to see is that we have to accept what has already been done. Christ our redeemer has come. Salvation is here! He has taken care of our biggest problem. He has made us free. It's already done. We are free. Free indeed. The cage door to the sin we were held in has been unlocked and removed from its hinges. Walk through the door. Christ is the door. He has made a way out for you and me. I dare you to move! I dare you to recall to your mind the good news and believe it. I dare you to move. "Where can you run to escape from yourself?" I dare you to believe all that God says of you. I dare you to let go of what the past has said of you. I dare you to move!

John 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Untitled Poem

Who is like our God
None can compare
Who would ever dare
Stand in the presence of His glorious majesty bare

He holds the Sheppard stick
Taking care of mess quick
Making sure that those that are His will be fit

To stand in that day
Presented faultless in our ways
Who is like our God, I am simply amazed

Who else could see
Through all my vanity
Into my deepest parts and most secret need

In darkness did I hide
My iniquity and my pride
Keeping me from His arms that were opened wide

Then one day He called
I ran and gave my all
He promised me He would catch me when I fall

So in Him do I trust
And when the pain is too much
He heals and restores me with His gentle loving touch

And when I try to stray
That love won't fade away
He uses His Sheppard stick to lead in His way

By this I know I'm His
As crazy as this is
The Most Heavenly Father has made me one of His kids

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Easily Satified

One look and I'm yours
No locks on these doors
Cause I'm easily satisfied

I crave for your touch
Forget the price of lust
Cause I'm easily satisfied

An available plaything
I kiss with no ring
Cause I'm easily satisfied

To be held for one night
I'll give up the fight
Cause I'm easily satisfied

I'll blaspheme His name
To take your last name
Cause I'm easily satisfied

I'll trade in Christ's joy
To be your toy
Cause I'm easily satisfied

No longer free
But I got love all over me
I'm easily satisfied

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Something Beautiful

How would life be
If I were free
From this captivity holding me
To the me
I'm no longer meant to be
Or could it be
That in fact I'm free
But afraid to see
That Christ made in me
Something beautiful

Friday, September 24, 2010

Love Song

Love Song

I heard a songstress croon it sweetly
I thought I was ready too
Thought by my fasting and praying
God had led me to you

I was not ready to be loved
That idea not easy to see
Blinded by the lustful desires burning inside of me

I was not ready for love
Although I felt I might be
So many tell-tale signs and deceitful lies
My blindness hid from me

I said I was ready
The songstress said it too
What in the world had possessed me
To take that love from you

I made my own decision
Right at that point I know I lost
Penalty for sin, the price of sin no way I can pay the cost

I was not ready for love
Better still love was not ready for me
I said it before I'll say it again
That idea was not easy to see

So I opened the door
And let you come in
My heart, mind and soul was flooded by sin

I gave you everything I had to give
You became all that I knew
There's no diction to explain
The pain my spirit man went through

The penalty, the price for sin
In no way could my soul pay
Remembering this brought true repentance
That oh so blessed day

When I cried convictions tears
I knew He'd heal my wounds
My Jesus extended His hand of grace
And faithfully pulled me through

I let that singer get me tangled
In her sensual love song blues
It took the love of my Saviour
To finally break from you.